Smart, Pretty, or Sane, Pick Two

...but really, isn't sanity overrated?

Recipes: chicken a'la orange
This was a recreation of a recipe I made up in my teen years, when I started cooking for my family (having gotten tired of my mom's classics all the time, I decided it was time to step up and make change happen)

It's pretty basic, but has good flavors, and I adjusted it for my more adult skills and palate successfully tonight. We served it with couscous, cooked in chicken broth with snipped chives and orange zest, and some steamed broccoli with a bit of butter and crushed red pepper.

recipe/method behind the cutCollapse )

Minneapolis and Lake Superior, or why I hate black flies
So I went with eqe to visit family at a cabin along Lake Superior, and then we spent a few days in the twin cities.

Lake Superior was lovely. I picked wild blueberries, bought a piece of native copper (the area we were in was quite the copper mining area once upon a time), ran from sauna down the beach to lake and back again, watched the thunderstorms, read my book, picked up vegetables from an unattended roadside stand (just leave your money under the rock) and in general tried to relax.

Minneapolis and St. Paul were also fun. I got to see my cousin's son, C, who has graduated from squalling wriggling lump to being an incredibly happy small person. He loves to dance, and it was fun to watch. I met at least a dozen friends, probably two dozen, and enjoyed them all. There was food co-op visiting (imagine if every town had a Rainbow Grocery!), climbing on giant art, cycling on the green nice ride bikes (hooray public bikes!), Minnehaha Falls, Orange Julius, stompy dancing, and brunch at the Seward Cafe, which is what I imagine Whole Earth Cafe at UCSC could have grown up into if it had survived.

It was nice.

Less nice was that every time I checked mail for work, someone outside of my team was busy lighting a fire rather than trying to put it out. I am incredibly proud and pleased that my team (of 11 people), managed to take care of themselves pretty darn well while I was gone...and stunned that multiple individuals, many of whom rank me (are more than mere managers like myself), could not be bothered to stop and think about problems, and instead just played pass the buck... to the person who was out of town.

Mind you, I made a point of discussing things with people before I left, sending mail in advance of my absence to remind people, and in general trying to clear things up...and I am not sure why I bothered.

So the vacation was nice, but the parts of it where I wasn't on vacation? Those were less nice.

Recipes: Californian gumbo
I can't claim any knowledge of how to cook gumbo that doesn't come from a recipe, but here's what I came up with tonight...recipe behind the cutCollapse )

I will miss you all at CoCo this year - a performance conflict is keeping me home...but I sewed a skirt for it! (a z0mg poured on bit of black stretch velveteen.
(Thanks howlgirl for the fabric!)

Have an awesome time, I am hoping to have a sewing marathon for myself while y'all are in LA.

Take lots of pictures, raise a drink (any drink) in my name, and bring home stories for me!

Love and misses!

Freshly tuned sewing machine FTW
So last night in the span of 2 hours I knocked out a knockout of a skirt for Hubba this Friday.

Imagine tracing your body from waist to ankle and building a skirt to match out of stretch velvet.

Yeah, like that. I did it using measurements instead, but really, it turned out fahbulously for what I want, which is a quickie stretchy piece for the stage. *beam*

But man oh man, having a quick working zigzag again is fanTAStic!

Now, do I take the rest of the week off *cough cough* sick to work so I can sew more?

Happy Independence Day!
Count the ways in which you are free today, remember them for later.

EEEE! Corset photos up at dazeoflaur!
I am the featured project of the moment!

Daze of Laur

Huge, huge kudos to Laurie Tavan, who turned vision into reality with patience and flair.

The best part, I swear, is that this is just the first draft! I can't wait for the next one!


No video yet, but some photos!
Enclosed herein find some photos from Friday's trip to HELL!

Abandon all hope, ye who enter hereCollapse )

That was fantastic, earth shatteringly awesome.

Thank you, everyone.

That's right, kiddies!

Join me and the rest of the Hubba Hubba Crew in our delightful DNA-shaped handbasket as we find our way to HELL!

Doors at 9! $10 before 9:30! $15 after! 21+!
Devil Doll starts you rockin' at 10!
The long list of sinners shakin' it for your depravity starts after the band!
Stay for the second half or miss my aerials act and a good chunk of the entertainment!

PSA: performances this month!
This week!
Little Minsky's!
Thursday, June 10, 2010
Club Deluxe, 1511 Haight St (at Ashbury), San Francisco
9pm - 2am, show at 10:00pm (I'm often on EARLY, so don't miss the start!)
$5, 21+

Next week!
Hubba Hubba Revue: HELL!
Friday, June 18, 2010
DNA Lounge, 375 11th St, San Francisco
9pm - 2am, band at 10:00pm, show after!

This is an aerials gig, so if you've been wanting to see me do that, now is the time!

Brimstone BURLESQUE! Infernal Comedy! & Diabolical Delights with

Sparkly Devil! Lady Satan! Flame Cynders!
Miss Balla Fire! The Devil-Ettes! Wiggy Darlington!
Honey Lawless! Bunny Pistol! Professor Shimmy!
Bombshell Betty! Red Velvet! Miss Mae Western!
Charlie Darling! Mynx d’ Meanor! Kliff Jerk!
Ariyana LaFey! Isabella Minx! Last Night’s Fling!
The Hubba Hubba Go-Go Succubi!

Also! Special Guest Star, San Francisco Burlesque Legend: SATAN’S ANGEL!

GOODY TWO-SHOES DISCOUNT: from 9:00PM-9:30PM, tickets at the box office are just $10!


Do you want a ticket to Costume College?
It looks like I won't be going to Costume College this year after all.

I have a ticket, and also a ticket to the Saturday night Gala and the Sunday afternoon tea.

Please contact me privately if you want this.

Whitman, World Take Good Notice

World take good notice, silver stars fading,
Milky hue ript, wet of white detaching,
Coals thirty-eight, baleful and burning,
Scarlet, significant, hands off warning,
Now and henceforth flaunt from these shores.

Happy May!
A day late, but I was too busy enjoying yesterday to stop and post.

Happy May everyone!

What's worse than waiting for USPS to forward your CoCo booklet?
Having it in your bag ALL DAY LONG and being TOO BUSY TO LOOK AT IT until NOW!


Finally, excited.

So, do I go on the Monday Garment District tour? Part of me says "drive yourself down to the G.D if you want on Monday, you'll have a car and it'll be easier to leave when you want to".

What say you?

PSA: performance tonight! Little Minsky's!
Little Minsky's
@ Club Deluxe, SF
doors 9pm, show 10pm

I'll see you there!

Reminder: Come to Baxalo Drom tonight!
What: Baxtalo Drom Gypsy Punk Dance Party Presents: Red Door Cabaret
Where: Amnesia The Bar, 853 Valencia between 19th and 20th, SF
When: 9pm-...
Cost? $5 at the door!
Why? 2 acts by yours truly, plus a bevvy of other beauties!

I've very nearly survived my March of Doom(tm)! I would love to see people!
(...everyone knows that friends are the best audience members, ev4r!)

Tonight I've got 2 rather different acts lined up, so come for the variety!
(and stay for the second one, it's fun!)

Still going! (aka "not dead yet!")
Friday was Hubba, which was exactly the sort of show I wanted us to do for an Oscars spoof. Fan-tastic!

Saturday I taught at GBACG's Costume Academy, and also took the best lessons in zippers EVER. Ph34r my newly-acquired zipper-fu!

Sunday I went to Circus Spire's Eemax & Zurno's Amazing Circus Humans, followed by rehearsal with Paper Doll Militia's Stargazers, for a show on April 3.

This week!

Friday night! Baxtalo Drom!
Amnesia, SF, Valencia st. between 19/20th
$5 before 10 pm $10 after
21 and up

Voluptuous vamps, gender bending tramps, and vagabond gents! Friday, March
26th, you are invited to Baxtalo Drom's gypsy hideaway for the Red Door
Cabaret; an alluring evening of risque and rowdy dance performances, live
music, side show stunts, Balkan Beats, and drag!

Featuring Mistress of Ceremonies
DOKTOR BORDELLO! Gypsy witch, mad scientist and burlesque strumpet!

Musical Guest!
SCOTCH AND BONES! Gritty gypsy punk duo served shaken on the rocks!

Bring on the Dancing Girls!
ARIYANA LA FEY -- From the red light district of Amsterdam to you!

LADY X -- A sassy little starlet who traded in her ballet slippers for
pasties and stilettos!

In our Sideshow tent!

PIN KEY LEE -- This blond Bombshell showers in glass and struts in garters!

Stomping the Floorboards Loose!

DJ WOLFGANG VON COPE -- Our San Diego based resident takes his mustachioed
show on the road with some hard hitting Balkan brass and electronic bass!

As always, we'll be featuring intimate performances all night long, so come
early and stay late, dress tight and get loose, and flirt with destiny at
The Lucky Road Show; where fortunes are told and made!

TONIGHT! Hubba Hubba Awards show!
Get Ready For Your Close-Up! It’s Time For…

Hubba Hubba Revue: AWARDS SHOW!

Friday March 19th 9PM

Join the Stars of Hubba Hubba Revue as they take on the glitz, glamour and over-the-top antics of a Hollywood Awards Show!
Step on the red carpet & smile for the camera! It’s a full night of Mayhem in Tinseltown!

BURLESQUE! Comedy! & Hollywood-style Hijinx with:

Kiss Me Kate!
Lee Presson!
Wiggy Darlington!
Bombshell Betty!
Honeysuckle Moses!
Madam Chartreuse!
Miss Balla Fire!
sASSy Hotbuns!
Casey Castille!
Honey Lawless!
Gigi D’Flower!
Bunny Pistol!
Roxy Shocks
Johnny Angelhorn!
Lady Satan!
Sparkly Devil!
Virgina Suicide!
Mynx d’Meanor!
Professor Shimmy!
Josie Starre!
Pin Key Lee!
Gorilla X!

…and the Hubba Hubba Go-Go Starlets!

Live! Best Supporting Rock & Roll with


TECHNICAL AWARDS DISCOUNT: from 9:00-9:30PM, tickets at the box office are just $10!

I'll see you there!

Whitman, particularly touching as I age

Women sit or move to and fro, some old, some young,
The young are beautiful--but the old are more beautiful than the young.


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