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Costumer's Bazaar Ahoy!
I will be setting up shop at the Costumer's Bazaar.

Sunday August 28 is often the first day people head to the playa, but if you want one or two amazing and playa-worthy items, a stop by the GBACG Costumer's Bazaar is the way to go. I have a number of pieces that I bought there and took to the Playa with great fanfare.

I'm going through the workshop this weekend and cleaning house. Here are some things I will
be bringing..

1) a full set of Ren Fair nobles, including hat, size 6-8 petite (women's dress sizes)

2) a red and shiny gold metallic kimono and obi set, never worn, would fit up to a 12-14 I think

3) my old "Alice" costume: ice blue rayon-linen dress, white petticoat, white linen apron. Zips up CB. Size 6 petite.

4) my old silver 17th C. silver dress. Hooks up side seams under arms, made for PEERS 3 Musketeer's Ball. Size 6 petite.

5) fringed Victorian piano shawl. cream with embroidered roses. It has hung in my closet for too long without being used.

6) some hats: a steampunk-themed black straw with brown and brass trim, and a black velvet gothy hat, possibly a few more when I have finished cleaning out the closets

7) a teal toreador's jacket from the SF Opera Sale that never turned into anything. Real gold metallic trim, amazing. Men's Small/36-38

Most of these fall under the "make me a reasonable offer" category. All are clean and ready to wear, possibly slightly wrinkly but have been stored clean and hung.

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Send me a pic of the black straw hat and if it suits, I might take it off your hands. :)

Oh, so cute! Alas, a shape that is great on you but likely not on me.

Is meant to perch atop an updo, and tilt down seductively. Having seen you in a fedora, I think you could pull it off.

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