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Costume: gold surcoate for CoCo

For those who don't know, Costume College's "theme" (such as it is) this year is Medieval.

So I've got a lovely dark green silk cotehardie(ish) from when I married C&C to each other - it was my officiant's garb.

I wanted to add to that though, and howlgirl gifted me this amazing silk/cotton brocade from her stash. Something about "it's not enough for me to do anything with". I was pretty sure I could get a surcoate out of it.

I was wrong. I could get the front and back of a surcoate out of it, and amazingly (don't even ask) I had a scrap of cotton velvet left over from Dickens Fair's NFP costuming this year that matches, enough to eke out side gores. *phew* *pant pant pant* *phew*

Now I'm going through the scads of bits and bobs of gold trim in the house. I have enough of this one to do both sides, the collar, and the hem. What do y'all think?

I also have "cloth of gold" and have been thinking of making bias of it to edge things in, instead. This would have the advantage of tying in with the sleeve lining on the green cote.

It's a better color match, even in photos (I think the trim photographs brighter than it seems in person), but it's boring. *yawn*

Trouble is, I don't have a lot of wide gold trim - back when I was collecting the stuff for Ren Faire I was never going to play a character rich enough to wear much of it. I could also build a compound trim, but I haven't come up with a good idea on that front.

Thanks for reading. Let me know which idea you like best.

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It's really pretty Ari.

I like the gold trim a little bit better.

I like the gold trim better, too. I think it pops more.

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