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Recipe: eqe's Mom's squash
It's summer squash time, and this was made for me last summer in Michigan, in a little cabin on the edge of Lake Superior.

Crookneck yellow squash (or a combination of summer squashes), sliced 1/4" thick (1/2" thick for necks)
Yellow onions, sliced thinly into rings (or half-rings if your knife skills need work)
Butter (and I like to add a bit of extra-light olive oil)
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat the fat in a big saute pan.

Determine just How Big A Pan (tm) by how many squash you are cooking. 2 average crooknecks and one small onion will feed 2-3 people as a side dish. Got more people? Add another squash or two and another small onion or use one great big onion.

When it's all sliced up, you'll probably have nearly equally sized piles of squash and onion. If so, that's about right.

Once the fat is hot, medium-flame or so (nowhere near smoking hot) throw in all the onions and squash together. Cover (no need for perfect tight covering) with a lid or a big swatch of tinfoil to keep some of the moisture in. Cook over medium to medium-low, stirring occasionally. You're actually NOT going for browned crispy bits here.

When the squash and onions are nearly soft, season with salt and pepper. Take off the flame. Serve.

Soft, sweet with the sweetness of slow-cooked onions and summer squash, fast, and delicious.

Goes well with all summery foods - grilled stuff, burger stuff, sausages, quickly-cooked slabs of steak, you name it.

Best with exceedingly fresh squash, still delicious even if it's not just-off-the-vine.


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