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Something like a dress diary: Aphrodite
I've been working on a costume for Aphrodite for an upcoming event, and it wasn't until last night that I realized where my muse was speaking to me from...

MUCHA! *duh*

So then I went and picked up my Mucha book (of course I have one) and found some details that I'm sure this costume needs:

a great arm band

a lovely take on the classical laurel wreath

This costume is coming entirely from stash, and was inspired by a lovely piece of hand dyed and painted silk that was gifted to me a verrrry long time ago. I always meant to use it as a scarf, but never finished it and so now here I am finally finding a time to use it.

Amongst the stash I found an amazing piece of purple charmeuse that is in the same color family as the scarf piece, and I've turned it into a long, demi-trained skirt that I should be able to dance in.

The belt is currently a wide metallic beaded ribbon that I think I picked up at this year's showgirl costume swap. The tone of the gold is a bit green but works when it's next to the gold outlines of the flowers in the fabric.

Here's a quickie phone pic of the way the costume currently looks:

and a few detail shots:

the painted flowers and the texture of the silk with the lovely dye job

the belt

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Oooo, that looks, well, divine!

You'll be even more gorgeous than usual in it, and I'm glad to see color! People get their ideas from classical statues that lost their paint!.

absolutely BEAUTIFUL lady! and i can totally see the inspiration in the design

Gorgeous color! Can't wait to see your Mucha-inspired accessories. :)

Lovely - Mucha is my FAVORITE EVAH!

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