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2010 Uberlist: the wrap-up
The 2010 uberlist metrics and wrap up live behind

1. Build that team up that the boss has told you about. Done. I became a manager in May of 2010, and built out my team, which included the team of interns my boss had asked me to manage over summer 2010.
2. Write more Java, for work or otherwise. Done. I've written a fair number of little bits of code over the year, especially since moving to my current company.
3. Keep learning about and shaping the product. Done. I became a manager and definitely shaped the product and it's path over summer of 2010. In the end of 2010 I started learning about and shaping a whole new set of products, which will continue into 2011.
4. Read for work, at least 1 book or 2 significant documents/papers. Done. At least 4 books and 6 papers fall into this category.
5. Keep engineering focus on writing unit tests. 50%. I started this, but then left the company. This is an initiative for 2011 though, totally.
6. Make more automation happen. Done. More automation was starting to happen at the Brave Little Company when I left it, and in the last few months of 2010 we got some more automation happening at the New Place as well.
7. Document the things you are learning at work, for the next poor sucker: at least 1 new document per month. Definitely done, in spades. I documented the heck out of myself before leaving the Brave Little Company, and I've been writing new documentation at the New Place as well since I arrived.
[added mid-year]8. ScrumMaster Training Done, in Feb 2010.
[added mid-year]9. Come up to speed at the New Place. Done.


1. Keep the house clean and neat, regularly. Done. It got a bit out of hand about 1x every 2 months, but having regular housekeepers scheduled really helped us keep this in check.
2. File and shred, regularly. Done. Approximately 1x/week for shredding, 1x/month for filing.
3. Make the new filing cabinet fit in better, aesthetically. Done.
4. Get the carpets cleaned when you move! Done.
5. Take the dead DJ decks to the dump or give them away, before you move! Done. Given away.
6. Frame and hang your kanji in the new space.
7. Make art happen in your creative space. Done.
8. Garden in the new space! Done. Need to build a better garden in 2011.
9. De-cruft at least 1x/quarter. Done.
10. Decide what happens to the iBook.
11. Import from Mom and Dad's, at least once. Done, twice.
12. Install the hall tree replacement in the new space. Done!
13. Get rid of bookshelf in sewing room before you move! Done.
14. MOVE. Done!
[added mid-year]15. Unpack completely. Done!


1. Communicate. Done. So much harder and yet better than years past. Good things happening here.
2. Stay centered in your dealings with others. Done. Becoming a manager really forced my hand at this, and I am (now) thankful every day for my new-found abilities.
3. Help Mom, Dad, AND your sister. Done. This was hard at times, but DONE.
4. Help your "chosen family" and your friends. Done. This one generally feels good to do, and is easy.
5. Grow your network. Done. Changing jobs took care of that, and I did many other things besides.
6. Host 4 events. Done, in spades. One housewarming, 2 girl's nights, dinner parties, Bab5, and even some rehearsals!
7. Love the kitties: kitty tree repairs or replacement! 50% - we repaired one kitty tree entirely (and it needs repair AGAIN now), and the other we started on, but the kitties do not like our sisal rope option. Need to re-do that one.
8. Mail photos of aerials to family. Done.
9. Send thank you cards, post cards, and other thoughts out to people. Done.


1. Visit family in AZ. Grandpa's house is built, and the aunt and uncle have invited you to visit. Still not done. Rolling this one over to 2011, it's a bit more important to visit Grandpa these days.
2. Go geocaching at least once. We tried in March, but failed for lack of good GPS to find the cache itself. Rolling this to 2011.
3. Keep having urban adventures in your own backyard or elsewhere. Done. Exploring Berlin, discovering SF by bicycle, bicycle + CalTrain, going running in SF, learning SF as my new home base.
4. Take 4 vacations. Done. Germany/Amsterdam/Belgium/Paris in January, Seattle in July, Midwest in August, Catalina in October, and back to UK and Germany in December.
5. Try 6 new restaurants. Done. The restaurants overseas alone would have covered this, but some other noteworthies: Chez Papa (finally!), Radius Cafe, Moya, Bloodhound, and all my FiDi lunch places.
6. Ride the motorcycle. 30% - I was riding semi-regularly while I worked at The Brave Little Company and had a commute, but once that stopped happening I totally slacked.
7. Go wine tasting. Done, a couple of times over. Twice at K&L for their tastings, once at my little winery in the Central Valley.
8. Pick up 2 wine club shipments. Done! Also, I sometimes buy extra wine this way. Naughty Naughty me.
9. Leave the mainland for travel. Done! Our usual winter trip definitely qualifies for this.
10. Run and ride the Muddy Buddy with H! Nope. We're back to training for it as we can. Illness kicked this one out at the last minute.


1. PEERS: 50% of the year's events. Nope. Shame on me. 4/10 doesn't cut it.
2. Aerials: solo work. Done. Developed and performed 2 solo acts, one of which I got to perform twice.
3. Aerials: do something with someone else, either as a collaboration or as an act. Done! Tin Can Cabaret with Rain and Bebe!
4. Burlesque Done. I performed an act nearly every month of 2010. Hooray!
5. Burlesque: collaborate on at least one piece this year. Done! Just when I thought I had to scratch this one off my list, Professor Shimmy came to me (me? me!) with a great idea that just needed me. Wow! This was one of the most fun gigs I did all year.
6. Go-Go dancing. Done...with bonus wrangling!
7. Sew out of your stash 75% of the time. Nope. I probably hit 50%, but not 75%
8. Pattern off of old clothes and actually make repros of the stuff! Nope. SIGH. This is so rolling over to 2011. I did draft some new patterns from scratch though, of which I am proud.
9. Mend things or toss them or alter them and sell them on Etsy. Nope. SIGH. I've tried selling things on Etsy, but they just aren't moving. I think I need better photos or copy or something, but haven't had the time to manage this with new work responsibilities.
10. Make regular clothes: at least 1 dress for yourself! Done! I made a black crepe pencil skirt that fits like a glove. Mmmm.
11. Take on 1 sewing commission at least. Nope. None came my way, and for that, honestly, I'm a little bit grateful...
12. Attend at least 1 clothing swap. Done!
13. Work on the crazy quilt: cut more squares. Done, whilst cleaning up the sewing room one night.
14. Work on the crazy quilt: start piecing some parts together. hahahahaha. Nope.
15. Calligraphy and illumination: do at least 1 piece. Nope
16. Sewing machine tune-up. NOW. Done! (and I promptly started sewing again. YAY)
17. Dickens 2010: decide how you want it this year and then execute on that DONE! Ghost of Christmas Past was an ambitious costume and character and I totally nailed it. Hooray!
18. Make 2 costumes, preferably from stash. Hell Costume (much of it from stash), Vamp/Spider costume (~50% stash), Ghost of Christmas Past (only the belt from stash)
19. Rebuild the blue feather fans on the new bamboo staves. Nope. This is very much a 2011 priority.
20. Rebuild the blue fan dance costume. Nope. See above.
21. Finish 18th C stays. Nope, and at this point in time they probably need to be re-fitted too. SIGH.
22. [added mid-year] Audition for something ambitious, no matter what happens. Done. I auditioned for the Circus Center Showcase with a WIP and did not meet their bar. Then, in October I auditioned for the Ghost of Christmas Past and got the role. I'd say it's even so far.


1. Spend less. Stay aware of your spending.Done. Definitely was more on top of this.
2. Save more. Done.
3. Eliminate debts as soon as you can. Not calling this done as it isn't yet, but we are much closer.
4. Deal with personal loan to sis. She did not get a job in 2010. There will be a goal around this for 2011.
5. Keep Etsy shop up and running. Sell more, track it all. Nope - well, barely anything here. More in 2011 I hope.
6. Sell renaissance dress. Etsy if you have to. Nope. See above.
7. Taxes &tax implications of having a side gig. Spoke to Tax Lady about this, she told me what I need to do - and then I didn't really sell anything so I have nothing to do for it, now.


1. Keep training Done and done again.
2. Get your annual physical. Done.
3. Get your optometry appt done. Done.
4. Eat well. Done.
5. Track your intake at least 75% of the time. Done, I'm not moving this one forward to 2011. I think I've managed to nail down the skills I need from this so I don't need to spend as much time here as in the past.
6. Keep weight stable. At the end of 2010, I weighed in at 61.0 kilos. That's down a little bit, even. Hooray!
7. [added mid-year] Get stronger. 10 pullups in a row, 10 straddle ups each side, 5 straight arm straddles. I can do the pull ups and the straddle ups, but not sequentially. Straight arm straddles still elude me a bit - there is a balance issue in there I haven't sorted out yet.


1. Learn something new about the Bay Area.Done. Learned about navigating CalTrain and MUNI, and started depending on them for assistance in my commuting.
2. 1 new recipe per month at least.Done! What a collection of nummy too! Ribollita, White Beans with Kale, Improved Mac n Cheese with Greens, No-Knead Multigrain Bread, Pate', Zucchini "Marmalade", many shades of Zucchini Bread, Slow-cooked White Beans with Tomato, homemade Lunch Pockets, Chicken Curry, Caramels!
3. Save recipes in workbook. Some. Not enough, and not all. Many ended up here in LJ. Need to sort out this problem.
4. Upgrade the workbook -- old spiral bound is dying! Barely. I stuffed it all in a 3-ring binder but it's not fully functional yet.
5. Share skills with others as possible -- teach a class (Costume Academy?) Done! I taught costumers about makeup skills. It was great fun!
6. Costume Academy and Costume College. Calling this done. Mid-year I scratched Costume College off my list due to life, and sold my tickets. I was sad not to go, but I had to make a hard decision, so I made it. As seen above, I definitely went to Costume Academy.
7. Use Mocha at least 3 times to work on a language. Nope. I think I'm planning to buy Rosetta Stone in 2011 to just get this over with.


1. 1 book per month, minimum Done. I love having friends who share books!
2. Model. Done. January, March, May, and August there were shoots, and that doesn't count performances!
3. Photographer. Done. Travel photos, kitty pictures, and food pictures, mostly.
4. Website. No. really. SIGH. No.
5. Maintain car. Yes, given that mid-year car changed, but yes.
6. Maintain motorcycle. Yes, but you need to RIDE IT.
7. Finish corset collaboration with L. In May we finished the first draft and took photos. At the end of Dickens I saw L and told her I wanted to go ahead with her last idea for it. Still rolling, albeit slowly.
8. Keep your calendar up, and decide on which calendar you are going to use. Done. I'm on gcal all the way, baybee.
9. [added mid-year] New Phone. Got a new iPhone after checking out the competition.

7/9 + 4/7 + 6/7 + 3/6 + 12/22 + 6/10 + 8/9 + 13/15 + 7/9 = 66/94 Damn. 70% W00T!

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Congrats! I'm amazed both that you come up with these goals and then meet them. That's awesome.

you are WAY ahead of me. perhaps i make too complicated a list. because the year flew by i haven't even sat down to take stock, and i'm just rough drafting my 111 but i am 1) Impressed and 2) Inspired. Also, I'm quite Glad someone else is still doing this. :)

Ya know, you were the person who inspired me to start this crazy thing, something like 5 years ago!

My big push has been to tie the uberlist into everything I want in life, so the career stuff is actually genuinely tied to work (not just a random wishlist), the performance stuff is truly tied to my performing life, the health and home and heart are all actually tied to those things as well.

The first one was definitely a wishlist and it was a lot harder to actually DO the things on it. Over the years I've gotten a lot better at making it about what I actually want my year to be about, so far as I can see it in January.

I definitely have not done as well, but I feel like my knee gives me some leeway.

I'm also realizing that having fallen out of my LJ documenting habbits makes it really difficult to actually be sure with some of this stuff.

Anyway, nicely done! And thanks again for the inspiration.

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