Smart, Pretty, or Sane, Pick Two

...but really, isn't sanity overrated?

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PSA: Performances tonight and next weekend!
Hello, People Seeking Ari!

TONIGHT! Friday October 29
DNA Lounge, 375 11th Street, SF
All Hallow's Eve

I'll be doing an aerials act over the main dance floor!

NEXT WEEKEND! Saturday November 6
Alameda Elk's Club, 2255 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda
Le Bal de Vampyrs
all ages
PLEASE NOTE: ALL TICKETS must be purchased in Advance. Tickets will not be available at the door.

$25.00 until October 30, 2010
$30.00 from October 31- November 5, 2010
(Ticket sales will stop when the event has sold out, and sell-out is NEAR)

Look for me amongst the cast of the Theatre of the Vampyres.

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See you tonight :)

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